The Viracocha III Expedition


The voyage begins on the northern coast of Chile, in Arica, Chile and will cross the entire Pacific Ocean, covering approximately 10,000 nautical miles in a six months time period. It will be the longest raft voyage of any kind in modern times, shedding new light on the long distances such rafts could have traveled and providing important information about human migration.


Reduce the environmental impact produced by the negative effects of human action in the marine world by creating a conscience in new generations through an educational program and the production of a documentary that will bring a message of respect for the environment based on the concepts of Andean philosophy.


Bolivian reed raft builders, descendants of the Aymara culture, are noted as the most important reed boat builders in world today. The art they create has been passed down from generation to generation and survives in the Peruvian and Bolivian shore of Titicaca Lake, where the construction of reed raft is now mainly a tourist attraction. The Incas were inspired to build their reed rafts with the Tiwanaku and Moche cultures technology and engineering that inhabited South American territories.