The Viracocha expedition is part of experimental archeology and aims to demonstrate, through a voyage across the entire Pacific, the vast capacity reed rafts built by ancient South American cultures had, supporting Thor Heyerdahl’s theory about the possible human migration throughout Polynesia.Viracocha I and II, were both 18 meters long, manufactured with reeds from Lake Titicaca, Bolivia and Peru.

Fourteen years later, with many of the same crew and including women for the first time, the Viracocha raft III  will navigate across the entire Pacific Ocean from Arica, Chile to Sydney, Australia on an epic journey of  approximately six months commencing in July of 2017, covering approximately 10,000 nautical miles.It is intended to demonstrate the enormous distances that these types of rafts could have sailed in ancient times. It will also help to preserve and promote the Andean and South American culture for the rest of the world to observe while inspiring future generations.

In March 2003, a team of eight men led once again by Phil Buck, set sail from Viña del Mar, Chile aboard a new reed raft, the Viracocha II in an attempt to sail 10,000 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean to Cairns, Australia, via Easter island and other islands beyond. Unfortunately, the raft was severely damaged during the launch and failed to test the its full potential of the raft as it only could reach Easter Island for the second time.


Inspired by the world famous explorer Thor Heyerdahl before his death, Phil Buck plan was to support the theory that it was possible that the ancient South American civilizations, could cross vast areas of the Pacific Ocean in old-style boats and that reed rafts were viable nautical vessels, possibly being a key factor of human migration and the spread of civilization.The first voyage was a journey from Arica, Chile to Easter Island, Polynesia in 44 days in 2000. It was the first primitive vessel of any kind to reach the island in modern times.

The first person to climb the highest mountain in every nation in North, Central and South America.