Desert Wood

Working with wood is one of the greatest pleasures in life for some of us. Finding wood to work with in the driest place on earth can be a challenge as so few trees grow here in the Atacama Desert.  With wood that I was able to “rescue” from a nearby city park (with permission of course!) I have managed to make three blocks or pulleys to install on the very top of our three masts, critical pieces of equipment as we will need to raise and douse sails quickly through the many storms that we expect to encounter from South America to Australia. I could have installed metal pins and fasteners for added security but that would have compromised my no metal in the raft construction, self-imposed rule. Will they last the whole six month voyage? Only time will tell but I did enjoy the process of making them. I know my Dad would have been proud of my work and he will surely join us in spirit as we glide atop the endless sea, with the ever changing winds propelling us to the other side of the world.



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